Artists Statement

I live on Exmoor and this is where my inspiration is drawn: from the organic of its landscape. 


I prefer to draw inspiration from my immediate landscape rather than research.  My work is uncomplicated and I wish it to simply portray my love for this particular environment. My work is fairly personal and solitary and displays a simple and sometimes romantic narrative taken from regularly walking in and around Exmoor.



Technical notes


It has always been important to me that viewers of my ceramics are left knowing without a doubt that my work is very definitely made from clay and I wish to demonstrate an overall rawness and immediacy.  In short, I like the clay to show itself. 


Technically I work as an earthenware ceramist firing to temperatures no higher than 10800 and I usually use red terracotta clay.  The surfaces of my work are created by multi-layering and I usually fire each piece at least three times within an electric kiln.  I create layers of colours and illustrations using slips, underglazes, glazes and lustres.  All my work is handbuilt apart from the use of a press mould for my plates.  Every piece I make is original.



Jacqueline Leighton Boyce