My Latest Artwork

Little Snipe dish

Width: 20cm

This item is currently for sale for £50.00.

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Grouse and Dandelion JugCatkins and coaltits plateLittle Snipe dishStag plateSummer Garden plateOld Rose and blackbirdAnd Snow Fell in SeptemberThere was a hailstorm one MayThe Swifts were late to leaveThe Demure DandelionThe Ghost Birds of the MoorsThey Searched for the TreesRosebaywillowherb in OctoberEchinacea JugYellow WarblersStar of the Veldt JugBlackberriesDandelionDamsel fliesSummer Grasses BowlThe ground nest lies in the path of the ghost hunt of Molland MoorThe Moth and the CuckooOnce, I Swear I Saw a Ghost Horse in the Barle Valley